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"Fondling her yum-yums?!? FONDLING HER CUPCAKES!?!"

XD Hi, I'm Bel, and I loved FLCL from the first time my friend showed me scans of the first volume. An affair you say? An affair that I've been having with FLCL while watching my other anime; Japanese cultured DVDs? (Gravitation, Hellsing, The Grudge, etc. etc.). Yes, you could say that...but, ew, not a sexual relationship...perverts.

I loved FLCL for its hyper style and confusing material. Hell, when I watched it (I was 12? at the time) at a friend's sleepover on [adult swim] and I was confused. It was episode 5 and you could only imagine what that would do to a kid. Ever since, I have been trying to find and buy the series and the OST album. But, I'm taping the series and trying to buy the album off of Amazon. I love The pillows also! :O

I also loved FLCL because of its artistic style in the manga and in the anime. I hated the fact that both were so damn short. But they were short and good...both were eye-candy. O_O I love eye candy.

If you must know, I'd like Haruko, the Takkun cat, Canti, Mamimi, Kamon, or Naota as a favorite character. I LOVE Amara? or EYEBROW MAN!!! EYEBROW MAN IS TEH SECKZ.

...I hate my Kamon icon..MAKEOVER! ::goes to remake it::
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lol, love the icon! yesh, the eyebrom guys is freaking awesome!!!!
i love the show, as well, it's definately one of the few japanese series i can really get my mind around without actually meaning to. it's definately something to easily obsess over. and i like the way it was so short. it's like one of those really sudden moments where something happens to you in your life where you are so overcome with happiness that you remember it for the rest of your life, and everytime you revisit that feeling it's as though you're re-living it. as short as it was, it was something memorable beyond doubt.

the sudden ending of the series was partly what made it such an awesome show. it didn't drag on into unnecesarry ideas and it didn't draw out the plotline. it was simple, quick, and completely mind-boggling.

sometimes it's nice to have a little chaos amidst all the order that tends to come with cultured television.
mamimi = sex.

after watching the series mamimis been stuck in my mind ever since.
I like Mamimi but I dun like her English reminds me of those people with the 'U.P., Michigan accents'
OMG...for some reason, that comment just made me go into a fit of hestarical laughter...

I believe the anime character name you are looking for is Aramaro. Yes, aka eyebrow's man is uberly cool. I mean, he's probably one of the main reasons I continue to like the anime.
"You know, I'm old enough now to take out rules...HAHA!"-Aramaro EP5?

Nice to meet you.

welcome to the community.
Awesome! We need a Naota over at our GJ community Vespabike. All we got is Haruko(me) and Mamimi(dana). You love FLCL as much as we do, so I think you would be perfect! If not, will you add me?